My, How My Garden Grows + Sideways Streets

The sun shines on us today here in New York, so I decided to have my lunch (sesame bagel with turkey, mayo, and lettuce; plus a banana!) in the Hell’s Kitchen garden down the street. Just a few weeks ago, I was talking about how desolate the place looked since we were still in Winter mode. Now the garden is ALIVE and GREEN.

Its fun to chill out there and get s small slice of nature in the middle of the megacity. There are lots of birds warbling, flitting around, and playing in the dust and bird baths. There are fragrant lilacs and bright tulips all over the place, and even grapevines twirling through the fences. The best thing though is the tulip tree that dominates the far corner. Its blossoms have fallen, but it has the best waxy leaves in all the land. I can’t wait for the Japanese maple to grow its deep red leaves.

After lunch, I walked to B&H to complain about my 10-22 lens not autofocusing. Turns out its been broken since I bought it. Bleh. Now I have to live without it for a few weeks while its being repaired. Meh. Lets hope the warranty covers it. *Crosses fingers* Anywho, I took a few more of my token off-kilter photos of the city. There is something about tall buildings being sideways that says, “I’m too tall to fit in the frame,” and I like that. More to come soon, as the city continues to come alive in time for Spring.

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