Natural History Museum Safari

Marina switched things up today and had our Animals, People, and Those In Between class meet at the Natural History Museum on the Upper West Side. I had been a few years before when I visited NYU and ITP with Marianne, but I think that whole trip was a blur, and I didn’t have my fancy camera with me then either.

I pretty much wandered around the place alone for the first hour and a half, listening to new jams from Karina Pasian, T. Pain, and Iyaz. Odd mix, I know. At any rate, I took tons of photos of the animals in their “natural” habitats that were carefully constructed ages ago and may not reflect modern observations. These are probably the best wildlife photos I will ever take seeing as the animals are ever so perfectly positioned and stuffed—save for the monkeys.

I could rant and rave about the social and anthropological inconsistencies that ran through the human exhibits, but I wont. Instead, I will just warn you to tread lightly through the African and Indian exhibits. At least the Ainu of Japan were fairly represented in their little diorama. Funny, humans in a diorama.

The bottom line is if you come to the museum with an open mind and can ignore some inaccuracies from ages past, you can see many things that you would hardly ever get a chance to see in your lifetime otherwise. I got to be a National Geographic photographer for a few hours, so at the end of the day, the field trip was a success.

I can’t wait for next week’s trip to MoMA, even if my ulterior motive is to see Cartier-Bresson’s retrospective. Mwahaha!

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