Yes, I Have No Shame or Remorse: I Ate This

After my trip to the museum earlier today, my friend Jay met me at my place to record a few things, and he brought over the most unhealthy, fatty, delicious food one could imagine.

Imagine with me if you will, a sandwich composed of chicken breasts for buns with cheese and bacon in the middle. Yes, drool with me in unison. Couple that with potato wedges, biscuits, and sweet tea, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

No, serious. Go forth and eat this thing. Don’t feel any remorse for it either, just don’t eat this more than once a week, even if your inner fat girl screams that she needs it to go on living.

Two thumbs up KFC! Whoever created this unholy delight deserves a special spot in the gluttony circle of hell, and a high five.

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2 thoughts on “Yes, I Have No Shame or Remorse: I Ate This

  1. Vaughnie says:

    Oh goodness, looks like it’d taste awesome but induce a heart attack upon first bite! Yet, a delicious death it would be i suppose. So how’s New York treating you?


    • It is actually not that fatty, as it has 540 calories. By comparison anything on Burger Kings menu is worse, lol. I wanna try it grilled and see if thats any better. New York is beyond awesome and I love it here. I wanna stay here forever. How have you been!?

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