Animale Finale Parte One

Yesterday was the first round of final presentations in my Animals, People, and Those In Between class. I wrote, illustrated, and painted a fancy children’s book called, “Pat the Peahen” and presented it to the class after some truly awesome projects. The book follows Pat, a precocious peahen who is upset with her lack of pretty feathers, and her journey to self realization and love. There is magic, humor, and eggs. Pretty much all you need.

After Arturo’s rat film pieces I started taking photos of everyone’s projects, and he returned the favor by taking a photo of me with my book—but I looked fat, so you won’t see it—neener neener. What you will see soon is documentation of my book after I find a nice way to scan the pages (There’s freaking wiggle eyes!)

Arturo’s, “Rat Island” film was an insight into how comfortable rats can be with us humans despite us being scared of them. His other piece was an insight into the life and times of a rat outdoors—a testament to his ability to get into the character. I captured the essence of the rat foraging in our class.

Benji made an AWESOME sculpture of decadent Oysters that was fitting of a Lady Gaga music video or walrus and carpenter ball. My photos of his photos wouldn’t have done it justice. It was done in the style of Dutch still lives and was a monument to an animal we otherwise think of as disposable.

Matt created pretty much my favorite project of the day, because it was so literally in a box—yet out of the box. He constructed a wooden box with a wire screen that contained the chest cavity of a recently eaten chicken, and inserted a bug light to attract flies. It was a gory, mechanical, meaty, circus for flies—and I loved it. I wonder what color temp bug lights have and what wavelengths it emits that the bugs like so much?

Zoe created fabulous Oyster jewelry in the style of Tiffany’s, and showed us the parts of an oyster that really matter—the actual oyster. Her creation was not only convincing, her execution with simple materials was fantastic and simply nice to look at.

Chris went all out with his presentation on corvids and created a special headset for viewing a visual triptych of videos that he created showing different facets of crows. One video was processing based and showed cool undulations within a murder of crows to the sound of crows cawing, and the others showed solitary crows moving about in a very impactful, high-contrast way that reduced the footage to either black or white—-no grey allowed.

Keep your eyes peeled for images from my book soon!

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