City Safari Photo Final in Progress

For my final in my photo class, I’ve been going between some ideas, and after today I think I’ve landed on something cool. I went back to the Natural History Museum and re-shot some of the animals I had seen there a couple weeks ago with my animals class. I also saw a whole bunch of new ones!

This time around it was a bit more tricky since I had no experience with pushing the ISO on film, and all I had was 400 speed. I seemed to have gotten the hang of it after a while because these turned out pretty well.

There were a lot of people there today so it was difficult to hold perfectly still for slow shutter speeds and avoid their flashes, but I pulled it off.

I am going to shoot some cityscapes here in New York to layer on top of these and do double negative exposures to illustrate the jungle that is this huge city and provide some insight into the gradual decline of the wilderness in favor of civilization.

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