2nd Annual ITP Swan Song & 1st Ever Listy Awards!

Now normally, I am sort of a recluse when it comes to social events concerning the vast majority of my department, BUT since Arturo asked me to take photos at the Listy awards and Swan Song, I couldn’t help but go. I was kind of curious anyways, and thought it might be fun.

Anywho, after I took my afternoon nap on Thursday after presenting my thesis (fail) in my mock presentation, I came back to school to watch all the festivities. I secured a spot in the front so I could take all kinds of photos of winners, and fails. After all, the Listy awards are all about who posted the best and worst emails to out listserv, and the Swan Song is all about 2nd years airing out all of their biggest, most glorious fails during their tenure at ITP. There was quite a crowd in attendance.

I have had any number of fails happen between my projects and ideas, but I don’t think any one merited me needing to speak. Madeline on the other hand, felt that it was her biggest fails (successes) at ITP that were her defining experience. The same went for everyone else that went up and spoke. From Sonaar to ZTIV and Patrick, fails were plentiful and amusing (and plentifully amusing). Their stories really did signal the highlights of a collective time at ITP, since we are an echo chamber where nothing is secret, and fails are quite public.

I must say though, Tims and his speech and mannerisms stole the show. Someone give that man a damn late night TV show dammit! Only slow exposures tell the story of Tims and his hyperspeed and hyperlogic well.

The Listy Awards were hilarious indeed, and Catherine, Tedbot, and Arturo talked us through the highlights and winners. In the end, Peter Menderson came out on top as his email being the top meme of the year. Yay, Materials! Also, my argument between Joshua and I that Sarah Jenny started came out on top. Way to go condoms!

In fact, way to go ITP, you’ve been a wonderful home, full of wonderful people the last two years!

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