The Sights and Delights of Union Square

Jaybird and I had a great time walking around the city today, after all it was 75 and GORGEOUS. My feet kind of hurt, but hell, we got to SEE things and soak in the SUNSHINE. We saw some faces today that wowed us, and some killer fashion.

The city came alive for its first warm day in a while, and people came from all over to chill out in the center of Union Square. Jay and I ended up eating a whole box of strawberries there like some old white women, and we had a good time. It was refreshing just to SIT and enjoy the sun sounds, and sights for a while. I will make sure my family comes here next week when they arrive, since it is one of my favorite places in the whole city (and world).

We met a crew of young stylish kids, saw some yum yums, and also a few weirdos. Mostly there seemed to be a high concentration of cool, fashionable people though, so it was pretty easy to find interesting shots. A few faces there I had seen before, and some of the new ones were stunning.

I was totally expecting cool zebra print pants acrobat guy to be there, but he wasn’t. Womp. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll be off to the botanical gardens in Brooklyn with Jelani and them from school so keep your eyes peeled for some pretty pictures.

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One thought on “The Sights and Delights of Union Square

  1. Nyne says:

    awesome, thanks guys

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