The Greatest (and Rainiest) Graduation!

On Wednesday, May 12th, Madeline, Elizabeth, and I, along with the rest of our class graduated from NYU! Our commencement ceremony was at Yankee Stadium, and though it rained on us, it was quite the experience.

Yasser accepted his degree on behalf of all of Tisch, and all of us from ITP were infinitely proud. I started off sitting amongst a bunch of Tisch students I didn’t know, because I got there late, but I fought my way to the second floor to sit with my family and watch Alec Baldwin and John Sexton give us pep talks about our futures and how proud they were of us.

I was a blonde and didn’t get tickets to Tisch Salute the day before, so I didn’t walk across the stage for my parents at Commencement on Wednesday, but my fancy new degree will be on my wall when it arrives in the mail in a couple weeks. Yay!

Ohyeah, btw…did the Yankees spend so much money on each other they couldn’t get a damn roof? Seriously, the stadium is a new take on a classic design, but it seems nothing compares to Safeco Field in Seattle. What are they going to do with the old Yankee Stadium crater?

My family had a great time here, and I loved showing off my favorite city while they visited me for my big day. Chris and Jay came and showed me love too!

I have a few interesting leads for Life 2.0, so I will keep you posted, but I have a feeling things are going to get much more exciting soon for all of us from ITP!

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