Reverse Order: Final Thesis Presentations

Continuing on with the retrospective of the busiest two weeks of my life thus far, here is footage of me presenting my master’s thesis, Creative Cortex, and pictures of Madeline and Elizabeth presenting theirs.

I will get down to posting everything there is to know about my thesis soon, complete with photos, video, and my slide presentation, but for now, laugh and giggle at my corny jokes and say hey to my mom along with the rest of the audience.

ITP was a life changing experience: I learned how to play, experiment with, and create many things I would have never dreamed of, all within the greatest city on earth.

I have made lifelong friends, and I got the chance to work with the most amazing set of peers I could imagine, all under the guidance of a stunning faculty and our illustrious leader Red Burns. As of last week, Dan O’Sullivan is now at the helm, and I could not think of a better captain to sail our department into the future.

I would like to take official portraits of both Red and Dan O soon. I think that both of them are monumentally important figures and that warrants monumentally awesome portraits. I will keep you posted on how that develops.

In the meantime, get into these photos of the girls presenting, and our gangs happy faces afterwards at our spot Cafetasia.

P.S. Lee-Sean looked mighty dapper on this day!

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