Strong Genes: Grampy and I Look Alike!

While my mom was in New York last week visiting me for graduation, she took a quick detour to Philadelphia with my cousin Bobby to visit my Auntie Gene. I haven’t seen any of them in forever, so I was sad I couldn’t make the trip while entertaining the rest of my visiting family, so I will have to make it a point to see them this summer. The train ride is really cheap I hear.

My mom had a great time visiting with the east coast extension of our small family, and my aunt sent her home with the most amazing things: Photos!

These aren’t just any photos though, they are photos that she pried from her own photo album that she has kept safe for a long time. She told my mom that her kids likely wouldn’t appreciate them, so she sent her home with some.

When my mom showed them to me I was struck by how fantastic the photos were. I didn’t recognize everyone, but I did see one very familiar face: Grampy.  He looked amazing in his air force photo! Then I realized how much he and I looked alike. Crazy! I don’t know who everyone is in all the photos, but my great grandfather is in one with a cigar, and in another photo the whole great family looks dapper.

I rushed home and scanned in all the pictures, so that I could make copies and restore them to their former glory. Here they are in their current state!

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