ITP Spring Show Photos (Finally!)

I am slowly making my way through my photos, and here is a set of the grand finale of everything ITP at the Spring Show! Never before has the show been so stunning and full of creative minds that effortlessly blur the line between the the future and the present.

I was proud to have my own project in the show as well! Interesting thing was I did not know it was in the show until I got there and looked at a map after Rob Ryan asked, “Where have you been!?” Oops. Blonde moment. At any rate, Creative Cortex was in the show and I was happy just to have had it make the cut and have space to show it.

There were the most amazing things there play with, touch, see, and hear. I was so proud to have been counted among all the amazing designers, thinkers, and talent that my department had produced.

Matt Richard made the most amazing LED paint canvas thing, and I believe it has a permanent spot on a wall at ITP (congrats!)

Zoe produced the most beautiful news trend visualizer known to man.

Elizabeth’s Life Dress garnered much press and needed an additional photo from me.

Macaulay created a fantastic modular light that I really want to buy.

Rune and his friends made a video installation with BALLOONS!

Daniel made an effing remote control zeppelin from scratch!

The best part of the show was seeing my family run around the floor to see what exactly I have spent the last two years working at. Finally, they see some results of my madness! Theres so many more projects to see, so check out the slideshow below and make sure to visit the Winter Show in December!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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