Late Again: Munch Munch Mom Brunch

I have so many photos from the last couple weeks it is hard to keep up and sit still to sift through them and get them up here, but I think its important that their story is told.

For months I plotted and planned with Maddy and Elizabeth on how best to celebrate graduation and Mother’s Day at the same time. It dawned on me that none of our parents had ever been to Calle Ocho, so I called their party planner about a month in advance and set the date. I was a little nervous we wouldn’t get the big table (table #20, to be exact), but after a vote from the owners and management, we secured the place. Phew!

We all made it there on time, which was something new for us, and we had a fantastic time. The menu was a little different for the occasion, but the sangria bar was just as full as usual, so all of our families came out stuffed and sauced for the occasion.

Yay Moms, we love you! We also love you too Calle Ocho!

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