The Final Grade: 4.0!

Dead animals never looked so good.

ITP is weird in that we do not receive traditional letter grades at the end of a semester. Instead, we are given a pass or fail (assuming your grade is a B or above). This is supposed to foster creativity and diminish competition within the department (or something). However, in the rest of the universe, real letter grades are assigned.

Enter my photography course that I took this semester: this was the one and only class at NYU I received a traditional letter grade for since it was not in my department. Essentially, if I did not get an A, my inner perfectionist would implode.

Luckily, my Sugimoto inspired prints were a massive success! Everyone was blown away by some of the photos’ realism and pictorial nature. I felt like a National Geographic photographer, so I was geeked. I didn’t do my double negative compositions that I planned on doing, but the original shots turned out beautifully. Jaybird and I made perfect prints, and one outside observer asked, “Who took these safari photos, where were these taken?!” I smiled and said, “The Natural History Museum,” and grinned like the Cheshire Cat.

I got my A, and my 4.0


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