The Highest View in Town

Since I moved here in 2008, I have hardly done anything of a tourist nature. I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty, haven’t been to the Top of the Rock, ridden a red tour bus, or gotten lost on the subway (completely.)

However, when my family came, they wanted to see some of what New York is famous for. My parents had their sights set on the Empire State Building, so we all went there the day before graduation while my brother was sleeping.

It was a ridiculous $20 a piece to ride up to the normal observation deck, that sits up 80-something stories, and an additional $15 to go to the 102nd floor. Sheesh. I think the building paid for itself in this way decades ago.

In the end, it wasn’t nearly as crowded as I thought, and the view was in fact spectacular. Good thing I brought my wide angle lens to capture everything that I could. My mom commented on how hive-like the city was from up there, and I had to persuade her that its just busy here. It was a quite hazy that day, so the sky looked a bit weird, though.

I spent a good half hour up there pointing out buildings and telling stories about where I had been, and where I wanted to go, so this was the best place I could imagine to tell my parents how much I loved this city.

Best of all, I got to show them the pinnacle of architecture here in New York. The design of the ESB oozes phi and the golden ratio all over, and its art deco style is truly timeless.

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