A Day and Night in the Village

Jaybird, Chris, and I woke up yesterday some kind of hungry. We set out to get Mexican, and thought we would stay in Hell’s Kitchen, but we ended up going all the way to Pepe Tio in the Village on West 4th instead. Pepe Tio has fantastic mole enchiladas called enchiladas zapotecas that you MUST try. Also, if you are there and need a festive brew, try the sangria or the tlaquepaque. Yes, say it with me now, tlaquepaque.

From there, we wandered to the Pier as the sky started to turn pretty colors. We hung out there for a while before the kids started to gather round, and then went to the Highline for a while.

We met up with more friends and went to the East Village for sushi later. The sushi was good, but the service was rude and awful. If I could remember the name of the place, I’d warn you, but its past my favorite spot on St. Marks with the Tanooki statue that I adore.

After that, we wandered back to the Pier to see some of the madness. I distracted myself with taking pictures of the skyline in Jersey and wondered what was going on over there. Perhaps sometime I’ll visit to find out. After all, the view there made for great photos today.

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