Ahoy, Fleet Week Fotos!

Today I saw the sun going down and remembered that I live just a stones throw away from the Hudson River—then I thought that just might make for great photos of the ships here for fleet week. I set out with my trusty camera and 10-22mm lens to get some of the glory.

You would think that after living here in midtown for over a year that I would have walked by Pier 88 and the Intrepid by now, but you’d be wrong. Today was my first day walking past 11th Avenue to see the boats on the water.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather, because as the sun started to set, the temperature was a balmy 79 degrees. Naturally, there was a slight breeze by the water, so my skin was alive.

There weren’t that many people in uniform floating around there at this time, but I plan on going back tomorrow to catch a few looking their best. After all, tomorrow is Memorial Day.

If I had known there were such great places to plop down in the grass by the water here, I would have brought my family when they were here for a picnic or something. Just might have to do that tomorrow with Jaybird and the gang before he flies off to Vegas. Oh, there could be cupcakes involved. Yay!


I saw some seamen and seawomen! Crisp uniforms!

And I found this great fountain by pier 84 that shoots water up from the ground that you can dance around in. Just look at all the fun this little guy is having!

Also, I saw these taxi cab drivers praying towards Mecca just after the sun went down. I find Qibla to be interesting. I am still thinking of making an app for directing them to the Kaaba in Mecca.

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3 thoughts on “Ahoy, Fleet Week Fotos!

  1. leesean says:

    But where are the seamen? 😉

  2. robert says:

    There is already an app in fact many apps to locate the Qibla. after all its the second largest religion !

    • You are right, but I have a number of things I would like to add to mine. Some existing apps merely draw a line or point a compass. There are many levels to build upon the basic concept of location and prayer and many social facets that you can add to the experience. That is my goal.

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