Sunshine + Fashion + Internet Week= W00T!

Elizabeth and I have been keeping each other entertained in our post-graduation dip into the real world while career hunting. Ms. Fuller is always in the know, so this week has been full of interesting surprises.

On Monday, Elizabeth asked me to accompany her to an event at Pier 66. It was the launch party for the Times Square Forever 21 that opens on the 25th. They had a small fashion show, premiered a movie, and gave us VIPs wine (and CUPCAKES!)

None of the fashion was breathtaking (in the good way) but I did like the attitudes of a few of the models. I hadn’t tried runway photography either, so it was fun.

There was plenty of eye candy floating around on the boat we were on (did I mention we were on a boat!?)

The next day, Elizabeth brought me to a rooftop party at the Hudson Terrace, not too far from my place. It was some sort of gathering of Twitterati and was full of the startup crowd. It was pretty fun talking with a few people there. Elizabeth’s feet got to rest a bit in comfy shoes, since it was more low key than the night before (yes, more low key than Forever 21). In the end, we had a great time at the Top of Hell’s Kitchen.

I didn’t make it to Ignite to see Catherine speak, but I know she did great, since she is of Team Awesome. Here’s some sailboats by Pier 84 to remind you of her and her yacht club 🙂

Finally, on Thursday, Elizabeth and I flitted on down to the Obliterati Party downtown. It seemed a little too cool for me, and it was particularly noisy, so I didn’t stay long. At least we got to have soup dumplings in the middle of our visit in Chinatown.

Looking forward to Brooklyn Fashion Week!

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