Happy Belated Jonokah Everyone!

The Many Days of Jonokah have come and gone already, and though these photos are late, they are fantastic. Jonokah, my birthday/holiday season, begins 7 days before my birthday on June 13th, and extends 7 days past my birthday. It is pretty much the most magical time of the year, and there is at least one minor miracle per day, and one major miracle that occurs during the holiday(s).

The past few years, I have been celebrating the Many Days of Jonokah in conjunction with Chrissmass, the birthday of my friend, Chris Paul. Chrissmass is celebrated on June 15th, and culminates in a cake with enough candles for our combined ages. This year, we collectively turned 48, and so I had that written on our cake in red frosting.

Lucian, Chris, and I had a great time stuffing our faces with cake during Chrissmass, and we had a FABULOUS time at the Bourbon Street Pub on 46th and 9th for my birthday brunch with all the gang. LS, Catherine, Fabulizabeth, Maddy, and many new friends of mine came out and we had a festive feast. Maddy wrote me the best card ever, and gave me the best gifts.

Prior to birthday brunch, Chris Hickson and I had a romp though the Puerto Rican Day parade, which just happened to be a miracle of Jonokah. In case you hadn’t realized, both the parade and my birthday coincided this year, so I had to partake in the festivities. The energy and pride there is surreal.

On Chrissmass Day, we attempted to do all things Drake. Seeing as his album dropped on the 15th, and was the manifestation of another Jonokah miracle, we went to his album signing at the 24 hour Best Buy at Union Square. That turned out to be a fail, because the line was beyond long. You know us geminis wait for nothing.

We then wandered to the South Street Seaport to see Drake perform and get our Paper Magazine VIP passes. To our chagrin, everyone in Brooklyn, Harlem, and the Bronx got the memo, and showed up too. The crowd quickly swelled from a few thousand, to over 25,000, but by that time, we had given up seeing Drake and went home. The miracle of that day was that we made it out BEFORE the riots started, seeing as Drake never made it onstage to perform, because of security reasons. Smooth move, Paper Mag, smooth.

All in all, it was the merriest Many Days of Jonokah yet!

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One thought on “Happy Belated Jonokah Everyone!

  1. Qtorrents says:

    I see myself in one of the slides. Nice photos… cheers!!!

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