The Positive Power of Pride

Yesterday was Gay Pride here in New York, and all over much of the US. What is special about Pride in New York, is that here is where it all started. The Stonewall Riots marked a turning point in gay culture here in America, and every year since then, there has been a parade to celebrate pride in one of the most influential, innovative cultures on the planet.

I had gone to the parade last year with Sylvia and Scott and had a blast, so when my other mother, Sabrina, came to town, I made sure to tell her and her friends to check out the parade while she was here for her birthday celebration.

The streets of The Village were lined with people in their most outlandish outfits with the craziest hats and hair you could imagine. It is a show of people who want to be seen, heard, and understood. Though it was balls hot outside (no pun intended) the crowd seemed much more energetic than at the Puerto Rican parade. Chris and I were dying of thirst, so we exited fairly quickly and walked back home.

We saw this girl with her puppies and just HAD to take their picture. Look at the little ones!

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