Oh No! A Happy Song from Marina & the Diamonds

I haven’t put up any music on here in a while, mainly because I go through music like boxes of Captain Crunch, but also because really good, happy music is very hard to come by. Yesterday though, I discovered a fantastic video of an even more fantastic happy song.

Enter Marina and the Diamonds. Marina is Welsh (as is about 1/8th of me) and she makes genuinely good music. It is witty, self-aware, and in many cases saccharine. You may not know this about me, but all happy music goes directly on my famous SHOWER PLAYLIST. Yes, it is a playlist specifically for singing and dancing along in the shower. Yes it is awesome.

Back to Oh No! though. I was drawn in to this song within the first 5 seconds of watching the video on a blog last night. The visuals were something of an Roy Lichtenstein/Gwen Stefani/PCP-color laden mashup and my friend Chris and I started jumping around because we loved the song so much instantly. Overkill, yes. Unmerited, no. At any rate, get into this girl and her music pronto, because I see her giving La Roux, Kate Nash, and Katy Perry a run for their money.

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