A Long, Blooming Walk in the Sun

Today I caught the train to West 4th, and walked to Washington Square Park. Just cause. Well, not really….I had some time to kill before my barbershop appointment.

There were some pretty flowers there, but the construction in the surrounding area was taking away from the ambiance, so I walked up to 14th street and soaked in the sights of Union Square for a while. These yellow flowers ARE sunshine itself.

Union Square had some silent protest going on, that wasn’t quite so happy. Something about Guantanamo that I wasn’t in the mood for. Black hoods on people don’t make for a pleasant experience, in or out of prison. However, there were some more flowers there to see, like the clover looking flower above.

There was a really odd set of sculptures in the northern half of the park though.

When I soaked in as much sun as I could there, I continued on my way to Madison Square Park, and photographed even more flowers. They had dahlias that were to die for, and their hydrangeas were in full effect. There wasn’t really any cool fashion going on with anyone out today which was a bummer.

Except for this cool old lady who deftly juggled her belongings into order.

Despite the heat, I braved Broadway some more and continued on up to Herald Square. It was just a bit jam packed for my taste, but they had planters full of hibiscus that caught my attention. Their delicate peach color was really amazing, considering the norm is red.

I topped off the walk with a couple photos of my favorite ziggurat, and headed to finally get my hair cut. BTW, it looks awesome, in case you were wondering. I’m sure I’ll be vain enough to post a photo of my fresh cut soon. This walk was great because I covered almost all major squares and parks that I love in New York in one long stroll. Success!

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