Happy Birthday America!

America got one glorious year younger yesterday. She has grown into quite the lovely lady.

The fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. At home in Washington, my family would either be at the beach, or camping to celebrate, and it was always fun times. I don’t really care for lighting fireworks myself, since I’m deathly afraid I’ll burn or blind myself. However, those little poop looking snake things are entertaining. Oh yeah, sparklers too.

New York just HAS to do it BIG though. Bigger than most. Just as with last year, New York put on a show to be reckoned with on the Hudson. Not quite sure what was going on with its usual East River spot, but hey, I’ve got a million dollar view on my roof so I can’t complain.

My friends and I had sweet tea that I made, pork buns that Elizabeth brought from Chinatown, and though I actually had more groceries than normal (ever) we didn’t eat much. Skinny bitches win.

When we got on the roof, there were a lot of my neighbors already positioned for optimal viewing. I snagged a sweet spot and stuck my tripod in place and got to shooting. The show was spectacular. New York knows how to throw a party, so America was pleased.

BTW, the Chrises and I went to Village Underground for the first time in FOREVER, and I cranked my ISOs to ungodly levels to bring you some action minus rude flashes. Thanks Cartier-Bresson. The live music was a dream, and I wished I could have stayed, but alas, I had to get some sleep, like I need to be doing now.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America!

  1. Dear John. Thanks for sharing your awesome photos along with your writing . They both have the heart, style, and daring that mirror’s both New York City and what America needs at this moment. Keep up the great work! KathyLynnWood.blogspot.com
    PS: I recommend you get on board the documentary staff of the momentous Youth Rock The Era Festival, which is taking place in our sister city, Philadelphia at Temple University on July 25th, 12:30-3 pm. Contact 2127277715 for festival participation details or send me an email if this is something for your radar and your portfolio.

  2. leesean says:

    wow! awesome pics.

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