Bagir Group Party in the Sky

Maurice is always up to something cool, and is always in the know. He has been working for the Bagir Group for a while now. Bagir specializes in finely tailored clothes for both men and women, and their innovative use of high tech fabrics makes for some great styles. They even make machine washable suits! Awesome!

To show how awesome they were, Bagir threw a party atop Atelier on 42nd and 11th ave at the Sky Lounge. I had partied there for New Years and had a great time, so I was excited to hear that the party was there. I knew the location alone would make for great photos.

There was quite the crowd, and they were ever so fashionable. There were models all over the place for everyone to gawk at and flirt with.

I met some of the most interesting people there at the party, and made a couple new friends along the way.

I was so glad that Elizabeth came as my plus one because I would have felt out of place without her fabulousness not there with me. Naturally, she struck a pose in front of the symbol of New York, the Empire State Building. Score! It was awesome to be on top of the world and watch lighting strike all around us as the night went on. Not a drop of rain on our party though!

Some people there had crazy wild styles, and I couldn’t get enough of the snacks they had floating around on trays. They had cupcakes, chicken, and bacon wrapped shrimp that would make a kosher meal shrivel up and die. YUM!

They had a red carpet set up, so I couldn’t help but get in some more target practice and take photos for Bagir, seeing as I was honored just to be invited to this party in the sky. I look forward to seeing more styles from this company.

Party well done.

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2 thoughts on “Bagir Group Party in the Sky

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Jon, fabulous! How do I get my hands on the sippy-cup pix on the slide show…man, did that wind do a number on my hair. Future reference: straiten hair for roof parties.

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