Fancy Feast in the Middle of the Night

Elizabeth and I were invited to a rooftop party tonight by Maurice. It was at the Sky Lounge at Atelier on 42nd, where I had spent New Year’s. Being there sober and single was a completely different experience, since the view from there is astounding in all directions. But that is beside the point, and many photos will come from that party tomorrow when I finish going through them.

Upon getting home at a ripe hour, I realized I was hungry. I also realized I was too lazy to go out and forage for food. The solution was to cook. And cook I did!

I had bought some chicken yesterday from the Amish Market on 9th avenue and dreamed up a fabulous recipe centered around French tarragon. Why French tarragon you ask? Well, for one, it has a pungent aroma and flavor and is complemented well by garlic and chives. Also, its one of the four fines herbes in French cuisine, so you can’t go wrong—ask Julia Child. I had intended to bake the chicken, but I came to the sad conclusion that I had ruined all my baking pans making plastic and molds throughout the school year. The obvious solution was to fry the chicken!

Now I know what you’re thinking. Yes, frying generally is as unhealthy as it is tasty, but tonight I just had to try this idea that I had thought of while shopping yesterday—and I was starved (after snacking on party food).

At any rate, get INTO this recipe I created:

*Get you a pound or two of chicken tenders, breasts, wings, or whatever you like

*Combine 2 tablespoons of dried or fresh French tarragon with 2 tablespoons of chives and minced garlic in a bowl with about a 1/2 cup of olive oil. Toss in a smidgen of salt to taste.

*Marinate your chicken in the above ingedrients for about 20-30 minutes

*Fry the chicken in grandma’s old cast iron pan, flipping the meat once its nice and golden brown

*Serve with or over wild rice


(Sorry for the lo-fi food porn, but I took the photo in a rush with my iPhone because I wanted to EAT!)

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2 thoughts on “Fancy Feast in the Middle of the Night

  1. leesean says:

    That looks ridonkulously good.

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