Rooftop Revelry / Night Lights

Madeline, Elizabeth, Chris, and I had reason to celebrate on Thursday. First, Madeline got a sweet job at Scripps—the company that owns Travel Channel, Food Network, and HGTV, among others. Second, she found a great apartment with plenty of space for her to tinker and play around. Elizabeth also closed in on a new apartment of her own, and Chris had just flown back from New Orleans. I didn’t have anything particularly festive on my end to report, but I was more than happy to partake in the rooftop revelry at Brian’s place on 23rd and Lexington with my friends.

The view from Brian’s place, as you have seen before during the daytime, is sublime. However, the night sky from the 28th floor makes for a stunning place to chill out.

This made for our third crazy rooftop party this month! I think we are on to something. Our little party was full of crackers, cheeses, and wines. Yes, plurals.

Being able to see everything that is New York in all directions is a special treat for the eyes. You get to appreciate the wondrous architecture and landmarks, and see the differences in neighborhoods from up above. Watching the traffic flow and halt on the streets is a pulsating show of lights at nighttime. The soft breeze cools you down in the summer night.

This is New York.

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