Madeline Moves on Up!

Madeline celebrated her birthday today! She has reached her quarter life point, and is steadily moving on up. Not only is she one year more wise and beautiful, she is now officially professionally awesome for being the new lead of her UI/UX department at Scripps.

Her first order of business this week was to move her things into her new place in Brooklyn. When I tell you her place is awesome, prepare to be envious. Maddy has laid claim to one of the coolest loft apartments around, and is having it built to her specifications!

It has a view of Manhattan that is beyond belief from both her floor, and the roof. The roof is large enough to host a party of a couple hundred (not that she would ever do that!). There’s even lawn chairs set up ever so conveniently.

The place has its own parking out back, which is beyond awesome if she has friends come by or decides to get her own wheels here in the city. I liked playing around with taking photos of the former tenant company’s logo on the brick walls out back that read “GREAT STORAGE.”

Speaking of out back, there is a manual freight elevator that had Brain, Maddy, and I geeking out. It has these really visceral noises and feels to it and it is a true piece of machinery. We even got all her things into it in one load. Huzzah!

Her new place is quickly coming together, and I can’t wait to see the finished casa! It is definitely a perfect fit for this talented lady of Team Awesome.

Maddy chose Barbounia on 20th and Park for her birthday festivities, and I brought cupcakes for us to nomnom on after we finished dinner.

The mood lighting of the restaurant was great, but the bread, hummus, and fish were fantastic. Maddy and I had chicken, and while it was good, I was more in love with my mushrooms and asparagus. Brian had the swordfish and decided it was sublime. When Brian ordered a vodka and soda, he got just that from our waiter—a glass of vodka, and a separate glass of soda. This misunderstanding was pretty much genius, because it allowed him to make his own drinks right at the table. Sweet!

I think this photo of them perfectly describes them in their birthday bliss.

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One thought on “Madeline Moves on Up!

  1. Rory says:

    Wow. That really is a beautiful place! Congrats.

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