Super Sunday Stroll

Today was kind of a long day, but in a good way. After I got  finished with everything I needed to do, and rested a bit, Chris and I decided to go in search of food. We ended up going on quite the journey. My fridge is acting up, so getting food outside of my place was a must in this heat. Bleh!

We started walking to Columbus Circle, and then strayed to the C train and got off at 23rd and wandered until we found a cute little Italian joint. For such cheap eats, our food looked amazing. My mashed potatoes looked like a rose with rabbit ears!

Speaking of cheap eats, we saw Elizabeth on Saturday and went to Patois in Little Italy to peoplewatch. Our favorite sport. I don’t know if I loved the man on stilts or the soldiers more.

Somehow, I missed the memo that today was the Dominican Day parade until it was too late, so all we saw were the last two people celebrating. Something is hilarious about these two.

I saw lots of cool signage and posters today while we walked around the Meatpacking district. Chris hadn’t been before so it was fun to point things out.

The Highline was just as inspired as ever. The golden sun bathed us in her waning evening light. Thank you DVF.

There was this curious little installation there that had you look thorough a hole in a box to see a pattern overlaid on the skyline. It was cool, but hard to photograph the effect.

I had to use the little boys room, and there wasn’t a showing of Salt at Union Square, so I did that silly dance all the way to NYU and then we played around Washington Square park for a little while. The spray of the fountain felt great.

We were in the walking mood and walked and talked all the way to the awesome Fuse installation, where we indulged in our vanity heavily.

Check us out and this cool clip.

Yay Sunday!

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