Cynthia’s Birthday Bash @ Santos

My fellow photographer friend, Cynthia, that I met at the Bagir party last month, invited me to her birthday party on Friday. We had been planning since we met to go shoot photos together, but we are always having something else come up.

She sent me the invite to her party on the fly Friday morning, and I was free that evening so I decided to head on down to Lafayette. You already know my first thought in reference to birthdays is CAKE!

Once I got to Santos, a curious thing happened. There were people scrambling and screaming in the line at bouncers over who was a plus one and who was on the guestlists. I approached and said my name and whose list I was on, and magically the rope was out of my way. Huzzah!

Inside I discovered a huge disco ball and a busy dance floor. I looked around for Cynthia for a while on both levels. When I found her, she was seated atop the VIP area with her friends. Naturally, everyone else had been getting festive before I was there, so I got myself a long island to get up to speed.

I felt a little out of place since I didn’t know anyone outside of Cynthia, and then the next thing I know, Tim from ITP says hi to me! I was so happy to have someone else around to talk to. We caught up for a while, and then I proceeded to take photos of the birthday girl and her friends.

I then spent the rest of my time there taking in the lights, music, and hilarious antics of the dancing crowd.

Some good fashion was to be found amongst the flashing lights, so you know I was on the case.

In the end, a happy birthday was had!

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