Fresh Air in New Brunswick @ Rutgers

This morning I got up and caught a train to New Brunswick to see Pearl and Trish. Trish is finishing up college at Rutgers after having been at the UW in Seattle.

She is awesomely smart so we are all very excited for her. She is also an amazingly talented swimmer. Pearl and I tried to scope out the pool there, but it was closed. The facilities all over the campus looked brand new.

We saw some local wildlife there in the form of a badger and some geese. I was really excited about the badger, but it wasn’t so excited about me.

The colors of the day were definitely green and red, two of my favorites.

We were blessed with sunshine and a cool breeze today, so I hope that weather continues on into this weekend.

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4 thoughts on “Fresh Air in New Brunswick @ Rutgers

  1. Love that last photo! Beautiful!

  2. Pearl says:

    Just saw the pictures you took. You are amazingly talented.
    Thanks again for spending time with Trish and I.
    We love U!

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