A Glorious, Glowing Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is all about resting and recharging, but with the world’s greatest weather sitting on top of the world’s greatest city for an entire weekend, how can you sit inside? Bollocks.

Hurricane Earl approached the state Friday evening and the sky was starting to look a bit cloudy, but nothing ever got nasty. I am the type of person that likes a good storm, so I asked for a key to the roof from my super, and he begrudgingly agreed. Apparently, no one is supposed to be up there after our fourth of July festivities. Womp.

Luckily, we are on good terms and he let me borrow the key long enough to make my way to the roof and take some fantastic photos with Chris and the pigeons. We had to be careful because its not really set up for lounging or even walking around up there. The views are quite stunning so I think if the roof goes un-renovated, that would be a complete waste. I’m definitely getting some lawn chairs to put up there.

We invited some friends over and had a small shindig and danced the night away. You know I can’t hold my camera with a wineglass, so I apologize for the lapse in photos for that event.

Saturday was the most golden day I had ever been given. The weather after the “storm” was absolutely amazing. There was a slight cool breeze that permeated the city, and there were a few lazy clouds overhead. I spent some time in the Lower East Side with Juan and had a grand time. Where there weren’t clouds, there were leaves from trees above to filter down some dappled sunlight. Hearing the birds chirp and woosh by as I walked down Rivington was divine. I topped off the afternoon with cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine, a prompt trip to the gym to burn off said cupcakes, and a visit to Mike, my barber. In short, I shone like the Sun King Himself. Bless you Louis XIV.

On Sunday, there was no brunch planned, but just as with the day before, we were given a golden afternoon. Chris Hickson and I spent time in the garden and made a new friend, Jane, who plants most everything in there. She knows everything about everything to do with plants.

She showed us the most wondrous plant, called an elephant ear, which was taller than I am. It has giant emerald leaves and sturdy stalks. Since it is a tropical plant, Jane said that she is going to dig it up for the winter, and that both Chris and I can have a piece of it to keep! Huzzah!

There was plenty of life in the garden today aside from greenery and humans. The bee house was abuzz with the sounds of its many minions, and all of them seemed quite happy about the sunshine we were blessed with.

Even the butterflies came out to play (and pose) on their namesake butterfly bush.

After absorbing the purest oxygen in the city there for a while, we went to the Brazil Day festival on Sixth Avenue. None of us got the memo for dress code there, as we were all in bright red, in a sea of green and yellow shirts. Ooops.

Some people didn’t even bother with shirts though. Oh, you City Gym Boys, you get me every time.

When we were finished with the celebration (tired of trying to understand Portuguese) we made our way to Juniors for a slice of cheesecake, and then to Pier 84 by my place. Something about the water was more sparkly than usual. I ended up taking a short nap on a bench there while the Chrises talked to their boos on the phone. The guy in the photo above was my inspiration for a nap. It was a little disorienting to wake up and see nothing but blue sky, but in a good way.

After I woke up, I saw this woman with her dog and got life for a moment. Get into her and LIVE.

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