Summer Song: Get Outta My Way

You may have heard of Kylie Minogue. Perhaps you’ve done the locomotion…or perhaps you’ve lived under a rock and been deprived of saccharine pop for the last four decades. Yes, you heard me right, Kylie has been cranking out dance hits since before your parents went to prom.

Kylie is someone that people like to sleep on. She doesn’t constantly, drastically change her style or appearance like Madonna and Gaga do every time the sun rises. She only has a major hit every now and then, and she hardly gets any love here in the states.

The airwaves abroad though, are saturated with her dance inducing beats, catchy lyrics, and sweet sounds. Kylie hails from Australia, and much like Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, she doesn’t appear to have changed a bit since we first saw her. The same goes for her sister, Danii.

Her newest single, Get Outta My Way, off of her latest album, Aphrodite earned a spot here on the happy blog as soon as I heard it. It is a lighthearted dance song about something really serious: going and getting what you want, no matter what. Turning that message into an infectious pop hit is no small feat, and is a nice bit of fresh air for the summer.

The video for the song is equally refreshing, if not amazing. As is the case in a few of her videos, there are some recurring visual themes: Kylie looks stunning, her fashion is out of this world, she is surrounded by a gaggle of gays, there are intricate dance numbers, and at some point she is on the floor. What is most interesting to me about this video is the interactive light installations that pulse around Kylie and her dance crew. They are definitely something out of ITP, and I want to know who did them, and the LED-laden gloves that she has on at the beginning of the video.

Soak in Kylie’s newest hit right now and go get what you want.

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