5D Mark II Moments + Sippies in HD

I had a Canon 5D Mark II in my paws for a day when I filmed for the Princes of Persuasion at Fringe Fest. I was overjoyed to be able to play with such a fine piece of machinery. Its controls are pretty much the same as my meager 50D, so I got the hang of it really quickly.

It was slightly heftier than my own, and because it is full frame, it made for even more stunning images. Its shutter has a really serious click to it, and because the whole thing is weather sealed, you could take it on a safari.

Plus! It takes full HD video! I am working on chopping up a few short vignettes I made, but here is the first one I made, wherein Maddy sips her drink with grace. There is a hiccup in the video from me taking a photo mid clip. I don’t recommend doing that. Much better to pull a still from the video I surmise. I’ll post the rest of the clips soon. For now, enjoy Madeline in HD.

Funtimes in the sky. Can’t wait to get one of these cameras for myself.

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