Sunshine, San Gennaro, and Sukkah City

Naturally, I had to soak up more of the sunshine than was probably healthy this past weekend, especially after seeing my good friend, Juan, Sunday morning. He and I hung out for a while at his place in the Lower East Side, and I thought it was funny that he essentially has a copy of my shower playlist on repeat at all times. Great minds think alike.

After I left his place, I managed to walk down Rivington without shoving pistachio cupcakes in my face from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Instead, I caught the start of San Gennaro—Little Italy’s 11 day long festival dedicated to the patron saint of Naples, Italy. Yay!

There was all manner of smells and sights out along Mulberry. The sunshine blessed the event, and I walked the entire length to scope out the sensory experience. I got myself a little trinket and nibbled on a few samples and headed back up Broadway to Union Square.

Upon arrival at Union Square, I was in for a surprise—Sukkah City. Sukkah City was a series of medium scale installations meant to raise money for homeless people infected with HIV/AIDS. The cause was great, and the structures were astounding. I really loved the fractured bubble most of all. I went back later that evening and saw them dismantling some of them, which made me a little sad.

People in the park napped, giggled, and played in the sunlight as usual—and I loved every minute of it.

I saw this guy with this awesome (and likely excruciatingly painful) tattoo on the way home.

I had to check out the birds and the bees in the garden again before the Fall set in. Some hardcore flowers gave it their all that evening as the sun was setting.

I will miss this summer.

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