It’s Fall Y’all!

These are the official last green leaves in New York of 2010.

Fall is one of the best times to be in New York for many reasons. I have prepared a small list:

*Fall fashion is so much fun! Boots, cardigans, hats, and subtle hints of color make the hipsters go crazy. They love excuses to wear flannel.

*Fall foods are amazing. Pumpkin flavored anything. Truffles. Pies. Sweet potatoes. Sweet potato pies!

*Fall weather is crisp. The air feels a bit more clean. Recurring showers keep it that way. The wind is just enough chilly to merit the above fall fashion and eat the above foods.

*Fall in New York doesn’t have as many tourists. The ones that are here wont stray past 8th avenue, so I can enjoy the above three categories in peace.

*Most importantly, Fall signals a complete physical change of the landscape for a season. The leaves turn from green to red. Roses are reduced to hips. Branches wave by as you pass beneath them. This season makes for phenomenal photos.

Tis the season and the reason to be happy about the coming new year.

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