Once You Start, The Sun Don’t Stop

Broga=yoga for bros.

For some reason, we keep getting blessed with beautiful weather here in NYC. Collectively, we must have been very good boys and girls this year or something. Either way, I enjoyed basking in the sunshine by the river this afternoon. You know I have to tan as much as humanly possible before the winter sets in so I don’t look like someone out of Twilight.

This guy was cool and laughed with us at people baking in the sun.

My daily routine hardly ever sends me further south than 34th, or further north than 59th, so today was out of the ordinary when Chris (yes, another Chris) asked me to take some photos of him. We met up by my place, and then drove down to the Village to scope out a spot to take some headshots and all that good stuff.

Chris is a big ol can of ham. HAM I tell you!

It was more than gorgeous out by the time that we got there, and it was 84 degrees outside, so in between shots, bottled water was a must. Thank you Poland Springs! He took great photos and we even made some new friends out there by the water.


Where they do that at?

Oh no he DIDN'T! But yes he DID.

In the middle of talking to one of our new friends that we met there at the Pier, we noticed an old guy showering outside right by us. We were  a little taken aback by the fact that there was a shower mere feet from us, and also by the fact that he had no shame in his game. I need to step it up like him.

Gushing with fun

I also got to see the fire boat in action on the river, which was awesome. I would love to ride on it someday and take photos of them putting out a fire. Odd, I know.

She KNEW she was too cool for school. So I put her in black and white.

From the Pier, we migrated to the Highline, where we saw tons of the cool kids. You know who I am talking about.

Don't hate on her shine children. Look at her glow!

I also saw this lovely lady with her photographer strutting about with her husband to be. She pretty much gave me life itself. Chris was impressed with the Highline, just as with my other friends that also happen to be named Chris.

You have to be kidding. NYPD please go find some rapists instead.

We also spied a cop giving a ticket to a UPS truck! I was just as outraged as the UPS driver was, so I had to record the ridiculousness.

I wanted to take both of them home so bad!

Afterwards, I went home and tried to take a brief nap like these two French bulldogs. Just look at them!!! Ahhhhhhhhh puppies!

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