Mocktober Recap and a New November

I have been all over the place mentally and physically in the last month, and that is no excuse for not bringing you happy happenings, so I apologize and distract you with this picture of a cat from Alexa’s housewarming party. His name is Giuseppe. Mew mew ketteh!

Speaking of party, Alexa moved into her new digs uptown last month and threw a great housewarming that was full of music, smiling, blurry faces, and of course, cats.

I made a trip to Yonkers last month to see Maddy and Brian and found a murder scene. The plant that I had got Maddy for her birthday was viciously de-potted and on her floor. The horror.

I also paid a visit to the Science Barge that sits on the Hudson River right next to Maddy’s place. It promotes scientific research of hydroponics and other cutting edge growing methods.

We saw this horribly proportioned and dressed mannequin in Macy’s and had a good laugh at the decor.

I took some cool pics in Grand Central on the return.

Saw a protest the next day in front of FOX headquarters.

And wandered into a magic garden when I visited Elizabeth.

Latin Chris threw a birthday party.

Eduar came to visit and pose.

And I made a new friend 🙂 His name is Shane and he is working his way onto Team Awesome.


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