Lost & Found: New Orleans Negatives!

The other day I decided that enough was enough, and that I needed to wipe the drive on my iMac and start fresh. She had been running slow, didn’t have much free space, and just generally wasn’t happy.

I took the time to back her up in two different places to make sure that if I didn’t get it right, I would be able to revert with ease. I lucked out and did everything perfectly, including upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard, and reinstall all my crucial software in record time.

I am thinking of trying out Ubuntu on my iMac, but I digress…

While I was panicked about not remembering where the license keys were for most of my software, I tore my apartment apart from top to bottom. I found not just my license keys, but also a lost treasure trove of negatives! I scanned them in and restored them to perfection.

This set of black and white color negatives is from way back when I was at Xavier in New Orleans. I was asked to photograph the concert for Springfest the year after hurricane Katrina passed by.

Chingy performed, and I was there onstage to shoot, and around after the show to capture New Orleans trade in their natural habitat.

The Ques even paid a visit to the scene, tongues out and all.

Smiles all around for some fond memories and images coming back into the light.

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