Poopy Puppies and Other Plush Pets

Neener neener!

Shane wanted to shoot some photos for a client of his called Pet Resources uptown the other day, and I let him borrow my camera. He was excited and nervous about using my gear for the first time, but I had faith in him. I had explained which modes to put the camera in for the best shots under the lighting conditions he’d have, lent him a multipurpose lens, and told him the camera would take care of the hard parts.

I shall name him Tofu, and you will love him forever. No seriously.

He went and did his thing, and came back with beautiful, lively shots of the animals for sale at Pet Resources. I edited the photos a bit, and now they are ready for the company website. Yayyyy!

Birds this big are kind of scary, don't you think?

Now he has decided that he needs a DSLR for himself.

The love of photography can sneak up on you like a snake. Well, not an albino snake.

Yayyyy! The magic of cameras and photography spreads! Enjoy a few photos that Shane took!

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One thought on “Poopy Puppies and Other Plush Pets

  1. Tofu is pretty cute, you’re right!

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