The Happy Hiatus is Over!

Hello friends! I apologize for the extended happy hiatus at the end of the year. I had much to get together, and I still have much left to do, but it is coming along. I will resume posting happy happenings on a regular basis, and give both myself and my camera more of a workout this year.

I have some updates from the end of 2010, and fantastic things to show you from the start of this grand new year.

First! Emeri, Brian, Neil, and Milena graduated from ITP! I went and watched their final thesis presentations and was blown away by how amazing my friends at ITP are. They are all headed in wildly different, but exciting directions.

I imagine the same for myself too. I am working on some interesting variants of my own thesis that could position me well into the future.

Chris, Jay, and I spent Christmas together in New York and it was great! We’ve been having a lot of fun despite the cold weather. We went to the Top of the Rock to catch a grand glimpse of the greatest city.

Jay and I rung in the New Year with Maurice and his friends at a very fancy hotel. Moscato was our best friend for the evening. We screamed to the top of our lungs at midnight and it was a beautiful start to 2011. The rooftop there had the requisite view of my favorite ziggurat, the Empire State Building.

My friends Alex and Johanna definitely give me the time of my life on a regular basis because we all really LIVE for each other.

Speaking of LIVING, New York life has been rather chilly as of late, and I have lots of wonderful winter photos to share. For now though, clap along with Sia and her humongously happy song, “Clap Your Hands.”

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