Apptastic Review: Cat Paint

Riding on the train is usually entertaining and stimulating in New York: roving mariachi bands and would be opera singers stimulate the ears, fashion both good and bad graces your eyes, and even the occasional smell wafts your way. I don’t recommend touching or tasting anything on the train, but hey.

For those times when NYC doesn’t provide you with free entertainment or a sensory experience on your travels, look no further than Cat Paint. What is Cat Paint, you ask? Besides being pure genius, Cat Paint is a hilarious app worthy of sucking up your travel time and a few brain cells in the process.

Upon entering the app, you are presented with a star field background as your blank canvas. You have the option to use any photo you’d like as your background, and I prefer taking images from the free NASA Space Images App to keep my cats cool in outer space. You may however feel your mom needs a cat in her next portrait.

Pressing the cat shaped button on the lower left side of the screen reveals your 16 “cat brushes.” These are more like movable, resizable, rotatable cat stamps that you can place anywhere over your background image. Placing a cat down results in a meow sound, and the effect is quite fun.

Once you have your cats in place, press and hold down on them with one finger to FIRE LASERS OUT OF YOUR CATS EYES! Yes. Freaking. Lasers!!! This is undoubtedly the best part of the entire app. You can change the direction of the lasers and they move in relation to the current position of your cat. You can then post your creation directly to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or email the photo right from within the app! Share the cats!

With this tool you can set up Cattles of Epic Proportions and defeat otherwise idle time! I highly recommend this app for not just cat enthusiasts, but also anyone who needs to spice up their otherwise ironic, played out, hipster imagery with a cute cats and cool lasers. Add this to your list of reasons to get an iPhone and stop listening to people talk about their serious Blackberries and Android bricks.

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