Beautiful Things I Have Eaten As Of Late

Smores Cake from Brother Jimmy's. DI-VINE!

As you know, my favorite thing to do in New York is consume good food and drink with great company. Emphasis on great company. It is my duty at each dinner, lunch, or brunch to shoot the requisite food porn for your eyes.

A tasty meatball that Bobby made!

Some of it I make myself, while others are yummy creations from friends.

More often than not my sweet tooth has to be pleased, so there is never a shortage of cakes, cupcakes, brownies, or gummy bears. Speaking of gummy bears, I am working on a creative little shoot featuring the tasty quadrupeds. More on that soon.

The best thing about food here in New York is that there is so much competition for tongues at restaurants, that they all come up with totally different takes on the same dish to compete. So a brownie at Mother Burger looks completely different than a brownie from Amy’s bread, even though both are delicious.

Jello Shots to my face. Courtesy of Bobby.

Don’t even get me started on Mother Burger though. MMMMMMMMMMother’s sauce and the Happy Trails Iced Tea are the BUSINESS!!!

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