A Fiercely Freezing Photo Shoot

Last week, a friend of mine did the right thing and referred some of her friends to make to take some photos for them. They had checked out my website, and loved the photos that I took of Elizabeth at Brooklyn Bridge Park for her thesis project and wanted to set something cute up there.

The only problem with this was the weather yesterday was just under freezing right by the water, and naturally night photography calls for a tripod and SLOWWWWWW exposures. Had the shoot been two weeks into April, we could have stayed longer, but after not being able to feel my toes for an hour, it was time to pack things up.

Lucky for me, all three girls were able to strike a pose, hold it, and not blink for the duration of these stunning shots. They each had a great vibe and energy that meshed well with each other.

We celebrated the photos over Italian food, and I was so hyped about how beautiful some of them turned out, I stayed up until about 3am  getting them just right. The good news was that because Eric Rosenthal taught me so well, there was hardly anything to correct for. Success! Thanks Eric!




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