Real Boy Report: 2011 NY International Auto Show

Carlos had the greatest idea ever this week, and suggested that as our real boy outing for the week, Kendra, he, and I should go to the auto show at the Javits Center. And so it was!

Today we went and had a blast! Tickets were only $14 online if you used the code AAA10 that I conveniently found this morning. Score! Since it is so super cheap to go, you should bring yourself and your friends before the show is over next week. The best way to get to the Javits Center is really by cab, since the weather is still balls, the extension on 7 train isn’t done yet, and because 11th avenue can be a bit of a walk.

Across the street, there was a huge billboard for the Nissan Leaf, touting its magical abilities to go without gas, and the fact that it doesn’t need an exhaust pipe. Perhaps they should add a decorative one just for kicks? I give Nissan mega cool points for producing such a forward thinking vehicle that kicks the pants off the Prius and the already ill-fated Volt. On that note, I can’t recommend anyone that loves themselves to purchase the Volt, because it shows how lazy and shortsighted American manufacturers are. The Leaf won the World Car of the Year Award at the show, and rightfully so. Get it together Detroit! Paradigm shift ACTIVATE!

Cars from Detroit, with the exception of my beloved Dodge Challenger SRT8 and its friend the Mustang, were kind of blah. The new Charger was cool, especially clad in gunmetal matte paint, and its tail lights borrowed heavily from the Challenger.

Chrysler’s ad campaign for “Imported from Detroit” is the most entertaining facet of its 2012 lineup. The new 300 and 200 have interesting styling, but their futuristic curves end up looking a little plasticky in the end. At least they are a little more fuel efficient?

Cadillac had some interesting entrants and visions for the future. Their display was decidedly classy as far as American brands go. Carlos and Kendra particularly liked the new lineup.

Audi dropped jaws with its Spyder and R8 as expected. Getting a clear shot of both was a difficult task because everyone within eyeshot wanted to basically lick the paint on them. Something about the smell of their leather is divine. Don’t even get me started on the sound of the R8 accelerating…..mmmmmm!

Mercedes had its endlessly classy SLS AMG on display with its gull wings spread high. I don’t have an Italian villa on the side of a rocky coastline, but I will someday, and there will be a red one of these parked in my driveway, right next to my reckless American-made Challenger and A8 for good taste.

Fiat had a perky girl with perky (assets) talking about the new Fiat 500. She said Italian no less than 50 times in the span of  her broken record 3 minute spiel, but since I love all things Italian made, I can’t fault her and the quirky timelessness of this revamped classic.

I’m not really a fan of Mazda’s, but for some reason, one car of their 2012 lineup had the best lighting in the whole show. Their spokesperson there was a little snippy, but I would be too if I was placed next to the exciting festival surrounding the Scion brand.

Totoya pulled out all the stops for their Scion Spectacle. They had all the models raised up in the air for everyone to see, and in the middle of their pit, they had a brand new concept that made a Lotus Elise look like a pansy. No joke! This car was gorgeous front, back, and all over. The eye candy surrounding the car wasn’t so bad either.

Bumblebee made an appearance towards the end of the show, right next to the 2012 Camaro. I want to love that car so much, but something about it always being presented to me in Yellow makes me upset. For one, I hate yellow, and two, the real model won’t transform into Bumblebee. Fail.

In the end, Kendra, Carlos, and I had a successful real boy outing today and got a glimpse of the coming year in cars. I don’t even know how to drive, but some of the 2012 models make me want to head on over to Jersey where there is open space for me to learn to drive. Perhaps that can be a mid-year resolution: to learn to drive a stick shift, because all my favorites come in manual.

Vroooooooooom! Tune in next week for our review of Fast Five!

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