Photosynthesis, ACTIVATE!

Spring has FINALLY arrived in New York! No more snow, no more slush, no more boots. The groundhog may have lied to us about an early Spring, but Mother Nature has really outdone herself with this year’s first set of flowers.

Central Park is ablaze with beautiful sights and smells. The cherry blossoms float and their fragrance wafts through the cool breeze. The humidity sticks to your skin and you feel alive as you walk through the park.

The whole City is abuzz with life once again. We had been caught in the humdrum of putting on our sweaters, coats, and hats every day since October, but the smell of these flowers is enough to snap anyone out of that frigid daze.

I had lunch in Central Park, got a fresh haircut uptown from my barber, Mike, and then came back down and walked through the Clinton Garden and came back home to cool off. You already know there is sweet tea on tap at my place!

I am thinking of waking up early tomorrow to get shots of the flowers with the golden first light, if we don’t get any heavy April showers. What do you think of these flowers, what else makes you feel full of life and energized for the coming year?

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