Happy Faces in Happy Places

Spring is all about smiles. The weather starts to become livable. The animals come out of hibernation. The trees are on fire with lush greenery. These are all simple things to be happy about.

Kendra and her boo, Jalyssa, asked me to take photos of them, and naturally the High Line fit the bill for a place full of Springtime energy. There is something electric about being up there in the mix between park and urban jungle. I have done many shoots there, as you have seen, and what keeps me coming back is that there always seems to be a perfect array of shadows and light no matter the type of shoot.

The happy couple was easy to photograph, as their positive energy was contagious. Onlookers always love to stop and smile at other people that are smiling too, so seeing reactions of others is just as fun.

I brought a friend along, Marc, who looks kind of like Jake Gyllenhaal. Just don’t tell him that. He is working on his photography at UConn and was in town for a weekend visit.

Right after the shoot with Kendra and company, I was asked to cover a birthday party in the Meatpacking District for my friend Shyori. I had designed the invite for his party, so I was happy that the turnout was just as great.

Michael was simply fierce. Only to be expected.

The king of the night had many friends over, and we danced, drank, and enjoyed the cool night. I can’t wait for the Blessed Week of Jonakah!

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