Help A Happy Couple Be Happy Forever!

Happy boys and girls, most of the time it is easy to be happy, but sometimes it can take hard work to be happy. Sometimes it takes hope to be happy. And other times you need help to be happy.

For Henry and Josh, their happiness is in jeopardy. Even though they were married in Connecticut, Henry faces deportation to Venezuela because Josh isn’t able to sponsor his visa because they are gay. That means their happiness needs some hope, and some help. Henry’s mom and their friends came to show their support today, and they will do the same tomorrow, when they go to court to hopefully settle the issue in a positive way.

I set out today to help this couple at the request of Purpose, whom I have worked with before, and photograph them in Liberty State Park. Their story needs to get out there, because their happiness and marriage is in danger because of the Defense of Marriage Act. This act limits the rights that are afforded to gay couples who marry, and relegates their status to that of a second class couple in the eyes of the law. If they were a straight couple, this wouldn’t be an issue, so the double standard must stop here.

To help Henry and Josh, you can visit this page and tell the head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, how important it is to stop deportations of this nature. You can also see a video of their story there. You never know where you will find love, or where it will find you, so please help this couple be happy forever by making your voice heard.

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