Happiness out of Sadness

It has been more than a while since the last entry in the happiest blog in town. I have been on a happy hiatus since my birthday in June. Much has happened since then, and for the most part, things are looking happier, despite lots of changes. I will have to tell you the story of my summer sometime. For now though, marvel at how beautiful the New York skyline is with its glimmering lights to represent the twin towers.

I was having a restful day, and the only thing that roused me out of bed, aside from getting pizza, was the thought of missing the sight of the columns of light that are in place every 9/11. I am hardly ever in lower Manhattan, but it is gorgeous from the promenade in Brooklyn. You should already know my love of that place by now though.

I had never seen so many people on the promenade before tonight though! At least a hundred people were out there taking photos of the lights piercing the sky in the middle of the night. No one was really saying anything, you could just hear camera shutters, and people trying to whisper memories of what was to one another in the wind. It was actually a beautiful moment. In the distance, the new tower, One World Trade Center could be seen, and though it is unfinished, it is shaping up to be quite stunning. No one seemed to be interested in making photos that included it though, as the towers of light were the centerpiece of the night.

I remember that I woke up that morning, and went to class in a daze, and I had never been to New York. I hadn’t even had it in my mind to go to college there yet, let alone grad school. However, that moment, in one way or another, drew me here. New York is not the pride of mankind for no small reason. It bears deep scars, but carries on better and prouder than any other city on earth. There is much magic here.

If a symbol made of light can encompass everything about what makes New York what it is, what it was, and what it will become, then that is something truly beautiful. That is certainly something to be happy about, even in the face of uncertainly, or the memory of trauma.

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