A Happy Thing Indeed: Mets 5 – Cubs 4

Carrie did something really nice for Carlos and I last week. She gave Carlos two tickets she had for the Mets game on Friday. I was just finishing up a document I had been working on all day when Carlos called and asked if I wanted to go to the game. I am not really a fan of the Mets, but I do love to go to baseball games, so of course I sped up my workflow and finished up early in time to catch the game. Luckily, I had randomly taken my camera with me to work, thinking I’d snap a few things at lunch (which didn’t happen, as I went to Chipotle and ATE).

We met up at Court Square and then took the 7 train to Citi Field and realized just how beautiful the day was. The sun was fading into the night, there was a cool breeze, and we were at a baseball game with great seats.

Our first order of business was food, because we were both starved. Conveniently, the Pepsi Porch that we had seats in, has its own section for food. We hardly had to stray a few yards from our seats to grab a hot dogs, onion rings, and drinks. When we found our way to our seats, we were blown away by how lucky we were. We had a perfect view of the game from the Excelsior level at right field!

I can’t pretend to know anyone’s batting average, or even half the starting lineup for any team in particular, but after having my dad take me to baseball games throughout growing up, I at least understand how the game works and some of who is who. Growing up a Mariner’s fan and remembering Randy Johnson in all the Eagle Hardware ads, and remembering when Ken Griffey Jr. was a Mariner (the first time) always makes going to any game fun to watch.

Carlos is a huge Mets fan, like his father, and was decked out in full real-boy Mets fan regalia: Mets snapback, Mets Jersey, and of course, matching sneakers. Its fun to see him get excited over the team. I got excited after seeing some of them up and close on the big screen that was to our left. Clap your hands if you see Angel Pagan or David Wright!

Whenever someone Dominican was at bat, of course they had Spanish music playing to signal their entrance, so hearing “Na de Na” come on was fun. Maybe I am the only one who knows who that song is? At any rate, being at a baseball game is as much about the total experience of actively watching the game, getting hyped or angry, and paying WAY too much for food. It is pure Americana, and Citi Field presents the game in a beautiful setting that is fun any time during baseball season. Every seat is a good seat, even the nosebleeds, as I would know from having a nosebleed there earlier in the season.

Oh, before I forget, the Mets got it together and pulled a victory at the last minute with a score of 5-4. Go Mets! Never thought I would type that, but you can’t help get excited for them when they play a good game!

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