Impatiently Waiting for One WTC

Years ago a promise was made that 104 stories of glass and steel would rise from  the deepest wound in modern American history, and One World Trade Center is slowly making good on that promise.

On Christmas I saw the new tower gleaming in the night and wondered just how tall it was getting. I wandered down to see just how much progress had been made. On one hand, I find it outrageous that it is still not finished after ten years. On the other, I don’t want it to dwarf my favorite ziggurat, the Empire State Building.

I hear the tower is supposed to reach a height of 1776 feet, and that a new floor is being added every week. Quite the feat indeed. I also hear Conde Nast will be its anchor tenant, complete with its fleet of limousines. 4 Times Square is another one of my favorite buildings, so I wonder what will replace the floors Conde Nast, Vogue, and GQ occupy when they move downtown.

So many hopes, wishes, and fears rest with this tower. It will change the skyline of New York and the face of Lower Manhattan for decades to come. One tower replacing two doesn’t seem like enough closure at first, but when you think about it, New York just needs one symbol to stand taller than all the rest.

One World Trade Center.

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