Unseasonably, Unreasonably Beautiful

I forgot to share these Fall photos with you right after I took them. I was asked by Nandy and Nay to take more photos of them, and I chose the Cloisters as the backdrop.

I hadn’t been back there since last winter, so seeing the leaves in pale golds, browns, and reds was a completely different visual experience. I remember how beautiful the grounds there were covered under a thick blanket of snow, and how it crunched under my boots.

This time though, there were leaves beneath my feet, and the air was light and crisp. The walk through the park to the Cloisters is the best part of every visit. You have to see it yourself in person to believe it.

I took some time to wander the Cloisters before the girls arrived and was taken by the delicate palms, intricate columns, and religious iconography that filled each hall. I took in the light filtered through the stained glass windows.

Nandy looked spectacular in her metallic, scaled dress, and it was fitting considering the Cloisters resemble a medieval castle. She was royalty indeed.

Nay was dressed to the nines as well, and she glowed in the Autumn light. Her and Nandy are always hilarious together so we had to take breaks to get out giggles in between shots.

On the way out, we took the time to take more shots as the sun faded into the next season.

I love this place. I love my friends.

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